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   In order to satisfy the growing needs of English teaching in our university and improve our teaching quality, Hunan University of Information Technology is now openly recruiting outstanding native English teachers from all over the world.


   一、招聘岗位Job Position

   全职英语外教。Full-time ESL(English as a second language) teacher



   1. You must be a native speaker of English.


   2. You must have a bachelor's degree or above.


   3. You must be aged between 22 and 60 years and in good health. You must be a good team player and have the enthusiasm to undertake teaching work.


   4. You should observe relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China , have no criminal records in China , and also no legal disputes in your home country (official documents shall be submitted).


   5. You must have stayed in China since Dec.2020. 

   三、工作要求Job Descriptions


   1. Location : Hunan University of Information Technology

   2. 教学任务:英语课程课堂教学、教学研讨、英语课外活动等;

   2.Teaching tasks : English courses, teaching workshops, Englishextracurricular activities.


   3. Workload: 12 teaching hours per week plus other supporting work for the university such as teaching workshops, English competition tutoring, and participating in some occasion like opening ceremony and commencement.


   4. Workweek: Monday to Friday

   ( The individual working schedule is determined by the actual situation and schedule of the university)



   1. Your salary depends on educational background and qualifications.Base Salary (pre-tax): ¥12,000 /month for BA;¥ 16,000/month for MA;

¥ 20,000/month for PhD.


   2. Free physical examination is provided, and health insurance is covered in accordance with related regulations of Hunan Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs.


   3. Free one-bedroom apartment with basic facilities provided


   4. Contract period: at least one year. 




   电话: 15874096000



   If you are interested in this position, please contact Mr.Chen for more information.

   Mr. Chen

   Tel: 15874096000

   Email: hr_hnisc@163.com

   Address: Hunan University of Information Technology, Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province


   We sincerely welcome outstanding overseas teaching professionals from around the world to join us! Candidates with teaching experience are preferred and recommendations are welcomed.




Office of International Affairs

Hunan University of Information Technology

March 31, 2021